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For the Joy of Singing

A time of carefree, joyful, heartfelt Singing!

Singing around a campfire at summer camp, singing on the bus on a school field trip, singing carols through the neighborhood at Christmastime, singing a lullaby as your child drifts into sleep . . . at these times, we sing freely, connecting to our heart and to those around us.  At these times, we are carried to a magical place by the rich sound of voices singing together - sometimes in simple melodies, sometimes with simple harmonies - always with non-judgmental acceptance.  At these times, every voice is welcome - every soul is encouraged to express itself and to be part of the sometimes mystical, sometimes whimsical immersion in the sound of voices joined together.

This kind of singing is primal.  It came before music reading and voice lessons and the written word.  It has united, inspired, and entertained humankind for millennia.  It is the spirit of “For the Joy of Singing Retreat”.  Using simple melodies, some known and some new, Cindy Mueller leads workshop participants in “paperless” singing.  Through call and response singing, all will join together in joyful, heartfelt singing that it effortless and fun!

In this workshop, there is a place for every “level” of singer.  If you are a “shy” singer, feeling you don’t sing “well enough”, can’t always match the right pitch, or can’t sing harmony or read music, none of these concerns matter.  YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!   You will feel at ease, and capable, and free as you sing.  If you are an experienced singer/musician you will marvel at how the use of diverse and creative combinations of simple melodies create a dynamic, provocative and beautiful tapestry of sound.   Join this singing retreat, and let your singing connect you to your heart, and to a community of voices.

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