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Essential Soundings

Music, sound, poetry and silence for deep connections 
All too often, our busy, often noisy world, can cause us to disconnect from the mystery, wonder, and joy that the human experience allows.  Music, sound, poetry and silence have the power to touch and move us in profound ways - to reconnect us to ourselves, our world, and to one another.  Many times, the sounds that are the most simple are those that are the most profound, awakening something essential within us.    

In this workshop, participants will be invited to use sound, music, silence and poetry to connect within, to one another, and to their surroundings.  A variety of beautiful, easy to play instruments (Tibetan bowls, hand drums, chimes, bells) will be on hand for all to enjoy.  Simple humming and intoning will also be a part of the group's sounding expression. 

Through a combination of listening and creating sounds and simple music, workshop participants will be guided to rediscover the powerful capacity of sound and silence to deepen our human connections.

 No music training or experience is needed to participate.  

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