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Playing Without a Page

Beginning Music Improvisation Playing by Ear for those who are Classically and Traditionally trained in music

If your music experience has been primarily based on note reading, and, in addition to being able to read music, you long to be able to put down the music and JUST PLAY, then this workshop is for you.  Through fun-filled, step by step, experiential learning and playing, you’ll discover how to open the door to “paperless” playing.

Participants develop a variety of improvisational skills that make free improv playing both spontaneous and coherent.  Skills such as:  deep listening, playing with others using drones and patterns, discovering and developing grooves, shadowing, question-answer, playing with space, using simple scales and/or chords as the "glue" to play with others.  Participants also learn how to approach playing melodies by ear ad experiment with playing the blues.

Workshop participants have opportuniites to play with the entire group, and, for those who wish, to play in duets, trios and quartets, and as a soloist.  And throughout the workshop, over and over the musicians will say, "We have no music score from which to play.  But the music we are making is AMAZING?  How is this possible?"  See for yourself.


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