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Enjoy time with others in carefree, joyful, heartfelt Singing!  Singing around a campfire at camp, on the bus on a school field trip, by a tree at Christmastime, to a child drifting to sleep . . . at these times, we sing freely, connecting to . . . 

If your music experience has been primarily based on note reading, and, in addition to being able to read music, you long to be able to put down the music and JUST PLAY, then this workshop is for you. . . . 

MUSIC!  So many of us want MAKING MUSIC to be a part of our lives, or the lives of our children, or BOTH.   We want to develop skills and music understanding through a learning process that is engaging and joyful.  And we want

Cindy was featured in the 2015 Nov/Dec Gainesville issue of "Our Town" magazine.  Click below to see the article and photos.

There are amazing free and low cost music apps and computer software now available, and Cindy shows you how to use this technology to meet your needs.  Music writing notation, multi-track recording, looping - Cindy will have you . . .

If you need tutoring for a music theory class, or help writing your compositions, or want to understand chords and scales for better playing in jazz, classical, . . . 

Music is the great gift Cindy gives to me during my lessons. Her encouragement never tires, even if I repeat errors.  My home assignments inspires me to continue to strive to a higher mark toward excellence, nothing less. Most of all, Cindy understands music and me, her 67 year old student.
      - beginner adult piano student
I thought I couldn’t learn to sing, but it turned out, I just needed a teacher who could listen. Cindy listened to me and developed lessons to take me from where I was to where I longed to be in singing. She didn’t use a one-size fits all approach that I had failed at before. Instead, she helped me discover the skills I needed, gave me exercises to improve those skills, and had me singing songs within my range right away—so the joy of music wasn’t lost in trying to make leaps that were beyond my ability. We took it step by tiny step until I could finally say without a hint of reservation, “I am a singer.” 
      - voice student

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 Although I had taken jazz music lessons for years, when it was my time to solo, I was a “deer in the headlights”, clueless about what to do. Cindy’s lessons in improv, thoughtfully tailored to my needs, are giving me the skills to solo with confidence and creativity. And it’s fun! She puts the “play” back into “playing music”.  
      - adult improv student
 When my daughter and I left today she said,"I never knew that playing the piano could be so much fun".  You are a miracle worker!  Not in a million years did I EVER expect to hear my daughter utter those words!!  My son also was very enthusiastic and has practiced at least an hour today.  I cannot tell you thank you enough!!!
      - parent email

Cindy Snapshot:
  • Bachelor of Music Education,

        summa cum laude

  • Performing pianist, singer,                 ​improvisor       ​
  • 20 years teaching experience
  • Member of:

             National Music Teachers Association

             Florida State Music Teacher's Association

​             Gainesville Music Teacher's Associaiton

  • K-12 Music Education certified by state of Florida 
  • Lover of Music, People, Life!  
What Cindy's students say:

Experience improvisational music making that is fun, easy to do,  defies categorization, and is connected to your deepest place of expression.   Join Cindy and friends . . . 

Whether you want to create multi-track recordings in GarageBand, write arrangements for your vocal group in Finale, or learn about apps for looping, rhythm section backing, . . .

People love to get together and share music in a variety of  informal ways:  "house concerts", small family recitals, duet playing, jam sessions, open mikes . . .

The sounds that are most simple can sometimes be the most profound, awakening something essential within us.  Sometimes listening, sometimes playing . . .

Making music with friends is the BEST!  Cindy offers group lessons, improv jams, piano and vocal ensembles, studio concerts, and music technology training

as . . . 

Cindy knows EVERYONE can sing, and specializes in helping the novice and the experienced singer to develop the skills needed to sing with confidence and ease. 

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No matter what your instrument or musical style,from jazz to free form, Cindy connects you to your deepest musical expression . . . . 

Whether you want to play the classics or be keyboard player for a blues band, Cindy's piano lessons will get you there!

our musical practice to lead us to playing and/or singing the styles of music we love, and also expose us to styles of music that are new.  Cindy’s diverse musical training and experiences (see  bio and "Our Town" feature article) allow her to bring music instruction and music making to students in an instructional style that is uniquely suited to each student.  Depending on student interest and learning style, Cindy blends conventional methodology with her own brand of creative teaching strategies, crafting music lessons that are fun, inspirational and skill building.  Cindy also offers frequent workshops, bringing people together in imaginative  music and sound making sessions.